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Small Batch. From Scratch.

My husband and I have always had a passion for cooking, canning and preserving foods. Creating unique, custom flavors from ingredients we know and trust makes us so happy. We have shared our creations with friends and family and always thought it was just a hobby. When Covid-19 hit, we relied on our delicious goodies to sustain us through lock-down and our friends and family reached out to us as well. We realized our hobby could fill a very real need in people's lives and our passion could turn into a business. Because our second home is our campground out in Crowsnest Pass and our dream is to be able to retire and spend time together infront of the firepit, Campfire Canning and Preserves was a company name that brings us joy and helps us focus on our goals.

We owe so much to our wonderful taste-testing volunteers and we have had so many cheerleaders as we struggled with the overwhelming task of starting a business. Village Brewery here in Calgary has been monumental in helping us trial and test our boozy blend beer jams and for that we are so incredibly grateful. Ashlee at Worthy Jam has been a plethora of information and assistance helping me over hurdles I didn't even know I had in front of me. And to all our friends, family and new customers we say thank you, this has been a journey and we are so glad you are here to take it with us.

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